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The forum rules

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The forum rules Empty The forum rules

Post  Admin Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:14 pm

Follow these rules when posting on the forums. If you do not follow the rules, your thread will be deleted. If you continue to break the rules, then your access to the forums will be revoked. Repeated behavior considered inappropriate by Administrators and Moderators may result in your account being suspended/banned from our forums. Let’s promote a friendly atmosphere for all players so everyone will enjoy playing and talking together.

Inappropriate behavior includes:
- Bad images (Nudity, other people's photos, weapons, images suggesting suicide or real world violence/hatred)
- Sexual Themes/Harassment/Hate threads
- Obscenities of any kind
- Anything insulting to a person or group of people
- Stereotypical or sexist messages
- Heated religious discussion
- Flaming
- Spamming (outside the spam section)

English Only
Messages must be written in English.

Use of CAPS
Excessive use of capitals in messages is inappropriate. On the Internet caps signifies shouting. Be polite, no one likes to be yelled at, so keep your caps lock off. Threads with all caps will be removed.

Spam, No Thanks!
Do not post spam (outside the spam section) to increase your post count. Spam includes any kind of advertising, pointless messages, etc. Spamming will result in thread deletions and possible suspension/ban from the forums.

Bans will not be discussed openly on the forums. Any threads created for this purpose will be deleted/locked.

Thread Necromancy
Please avoid reviving threads that are weeks and months old. We will either delete your new messages and lock the thread or remove the whole topic altogether. Repeated Necromancy of old threads may result in a suspension from the forums because this will be considered as abusive use of the forums.

Staff, Administrator, Moderator Harassment

All members of our community are expected to respect all staff at Reborn including Moderators and Moderators assigned from other games. Moderators may still appear as moderators on forums they were not assigned to, so please respect them as any other player and know which are the proper moderators to contact for on your forum if you need assistance.

Treat each other with the same amount of respect you expect for yourself to be treated. If that expectation of respect is low, you should still value others opinions, beliefs and values.

Be kind to new players and offer assistance when appropriate. Random acts of kindness pay off in the future, especially if someone else is feeling generous that day!

Threats or extortion will not be tolerated. If you are a victim to any such abuse, please send unaltered screenshots to customer support. Distasteful acts may result in forum account suspension lasting from one week, or as long as a lifetime.


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